Воронцовский дворец

    Three generations of Vorontsov family owned Alupka up to the revolution.

    Michael Semyonovich Vorontsov

    He was a son of the known statesman and diplomat, count Simeon Romanovich Vorontsov (1744-1832). 

    He was born on May 19, 1782. The childhood and youth he spent in London where his father served as the Russian ambassador.

    Having returned to Russia being nineteen-year young man, he became participant of Russian-Turkish and Antinapoleonic wars. He has shown personal bravery and has distinguished himself in actions near Smolensk and Borodino. He is decorated with many fighting awards. From 1815 to 1818 he comanded the Russian occupational corps in Paris in a rank of the lieutenant general.

    Since 1823 he was the governor general of Novorossisk and the deputy of Bessarabka region. He promoted economic development of the region, building of Odessa and other cities.

    In 1844—1854 he was deputy on the Caucasus.

    Two years before death Vorontsov  was awarded with the rank of the general field marshal.

    M.S.Vorontsov died in Odessa on November 6th, 1856. And he was buried in Odessa Preobrazhenskiy cathedral.


     Vorontsov Simeon Mihajlovich    

    He was the son of field marshal M.S.Vorontsov from marriage with Elizabeth Ksaverevna Branitskaya, he was Serene prince.

    In 1842 he finished Rishelev lycée in Odessa.

    Being the commander of the Kurin infantry regiment on the Caucasus, Simeon Mihajlovich participated in many military operations.

    He participated in the Crimean war (1853-1856), he was contused at defense of Sevastopol.

    After death of his father in 1856 S.М. has inherited huge entailed estate on Southern coast of Crimea and has proved the zealous owner, especially in the field of wine growing and winemaking.

    In 1863 he was selected as the mayor of Odessa. Since 1864 the Vorontsov spent the most part of year in Alupka. Being Public of the first Municipal duma (1871), S.M. Vorontsov actively participated in public life of Yalta. 

    In 1870th S.M. Vorontsov remained one of the richest landowners of Crimea, only on Southern coast 2404  1019 saplings of earth belonged to him.

    S.M.Vorontsov died on May 6, 1882 in Petersburg.


              Vorontsov -Dashkov, 
              Illarion  Ivanovich                      

    He was the count, the Russian state and military figure, one of the largest land owners of Russia, the owner of a great number of the industrial enterprises.

    He was born on May 27, 1837 in Petersburg. He was the son of the State Council member, the ober-master of ceremony, count Ivan Illarionovich Vorontsov (1790-1854).

    He was the participant of military operations on the Caucasus in 1859-1862, Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878.

    Since 1881 – he was the minister of the Imperial court yard and appanages, the chancellor of the Russian Regal and Imperial awards. 

    In 1890 he was promoted to generals from the cavalry.

    On February 27, 1905 I.I.Vorontsov is appointed as the deputy of the Caucasus, the commander-in-chief armies of the Caucasian military district and army ataman of the Caucasian Cossack armies.

    He died on January, 15th, 1916 in Alupka.


         Pavel Andreyevich Shuvalov

    He was the senior grandson of general field marshal M.S.Vorontsov on a female line, the count.

    He as the heir of entail manors in sort of princes of the Vorontsov, was highly commanded to attach the title, the arms and a surname of the founder of this manor to his surname: "Serene prince Vorontsov, count Shuvalov. " 



       Elizabeth Andreyevna                 

    Since 1904 the entailed estate changed hands to senior grand daughter of M.S.Vorontsov by female line to countess Elizabeth Andreevna (1845-1924) who since 1867 was wife of the count Illarion Ivanovich Vorontsov-Dashkov (1837-1916). 

    With her temperament Elizabeth Andreevna has developed the vigorous activity on normal life restoration in the Alupka manor. 

    Furniture, pictures, a sculpture were transported to the empty palace from Odessa, Petersburg, Andreev village of the Vladimir province.

    The big family consisting of 8 adult children and 32 grandsons, has filled numerous premises of a palace.

    Reconstruction of old economic constructions and erection of new ones has begun. Thus employed architect Evgeny Tatarinov projects in barrack manor for workers, using stylized tudor forms in facades decorating.

    In 1905 when the part of palace buildinds has been adapted under an infirmary for the officers wounded during Japanese war, there were St. Evgeny charitable community booths in park constructed under the project of S.A.Starikov.  

    In 1918, after three years after her husband death, Elizabeth Andreevna has emigrated and nowadays lies in Shuvalov family crypt in Wiesbaden.