Воронцовский дворец

    History of the palace in post revolution years is dramatic. In 1920, in revolutionary "order" mess, the palace was guarded by a former manager of the estate, AA Fetisov.

    After the establishment of Soviet power in Crimea begins the process of nationalization of country estates. On January 26, 1921 Alupka nationalized property was transferred to the Office of the South Coast of Crimea Soviet farms (Yuzhsovhoz). During this period the question about the future of the palace arose for the first time.

    Воронцовский дворец

    Only after persistent requests of KrymOHRIS (Crimean Department on Museums business and protection of monuments of art , antique,  nature and folk life), the palace was handed over to the Commissariat of Public Education. In mid-1921 the Palace Museum received its first visitors.

    In 1927 came the first essay-guidebook by S.D. Shiryaev “Alupka. The palace and gardens.” The staff of the museum participated in archeological digs, collected artifacts, studied ethnography, published its works by separate editions.