Воронцовский дворец
    PALACE IN 40- ies AND 50-ies

    The Second World War years were the most intense period of existence of the palace-museum. Thanks to the dedicated civic stance of the museum worker Stephen G. Shchekoldin an explosion of the palace was averted in 1941, and the empty interiors, despite the occupation, launched the museum exposition. S.G. Shchekoldin described Palace life vividly and dynamic in the Nazi occupation in the book of his memoirs, "What are silent Lions".

    From 4 to 11 February 1945 the conference of three allied powers leaders  - the USSR, the USA and the UK took place in Yalta. During the conference British delegation headed by Prime Minister Winston Churchill was located in Alupka Palace. Preliminary discussion of issues being on the agenda of the conference was conducted at the meetings of Foreign Ministers alternately in the location of each delegation. Twice (8 and 10 February), these meetings gathered in the residence of the British delegation in the Main Dining Room of the Alupka Palace. It was here where finally determined the number of countries - participants of the constituent conference of the United Nations, time and place for its convening on Feb. 8, 1945.

    After the war, the palace was turned into a state cottage, and in 1953 it was decided to organize sanatorium in the palace. The collection being already depleted dispersed across the country. In 1956 Museum of Fine Arts was opened in the palace. In 1958, its type has changed. He became architectural and artistic.