Воронцовский дворец

    The Museum currently ocupies the Main, Shuvalov (guest), Librarian and Economic Building. In the state rooms of the main building, retaining its decoration is the main exposure and the type of architectural monument, and gives an idea of palatial interiors of the 30 - 40-ies. XIX century. The exhibition includes 8 state rooms, each of which has its own artistic and imaginative solution.

    The new constant exposition «the House of count Shuvalov» is now created in Shuvalov (guest) building (where in 1847 the architect V.Gunt equipped one-storeyed wing for Vorontsov daughter countess Sofia Mihajlovna Shuvalova and her family). There underlied subjects of not exposed earlier furniture and personal things of Vorontsov, Shuvalov, Vorontsov-Dashkov, and also the works of art reflecting style features of palace premises of middle ХIХ century.

    In the Shuvalov (guest) building constant exhibitions are also placed: «Gift of professor V.N.Golubev», «the Paris archive», «landscape Poetry. Masterpieces of the National artist of Ukraine J.A.Basov».

    Exhibitions of painting and drawing from museum funds are exhibited at Showrooms of the Economic building, the Conference hall and park pavilion «Tea small house»: «the Ukrainian painting», «Flowers in painting», «Sea fights», «M.S.Vorontsov and Russian admirals», «Ancient maps of Crimea».

    1.The main Building
    2. The wardrobe
    3. The library building
    4. The winter garden
    5. The main dining room
    6. The Shuvalov building
    7. The Shuvalov building. Сonference hall
    8. Towers of the western entrance
    9. The utility building and a court yard
    10. A courtyard
    11. The horologium
    12. "The big chaos"
    13. "Small chaos"
    14. The upper park
    15. The eastern entrance
    16. The front staircase with lions
    17. The lower park
    18. A small tea house, 1834
    19. The Ayvazov's rock
    20. Springs
    21. Ponds