Воронцовский дворец

    Instead of geometrically strict building grouping Blor has picturesquely arranged them from the West on the East, according to mountains movement, thanks to this the palace "was very organically fitted" to surrounding landscape and has its unique art-expressive image. 

    From building to building evident representation how the medieval architecture developed beginning from early forms and finishing XVI  is given. The Emphasis is made on an English variant of architecture.

    The main approaches to the palace are from the West side. Typically feudal castle – a fortress VIII – XI centuries meet the traveler. The further from an arch of the western entrance, the more signs of architecture of the subsequent epoch accumulate.

    In the main court yard a stream of light and fresh air appears unexpectedly after feeling of reticence. There opens the landscape of amazing beauty with Ah-petri peak in the distance, "built in" in the architectural frame where one side serves as the hour tower, another – east wing. Northern facade of the main building illustrates Tudor style which is typical for England of XVI century.

    The basic decorative ornament of a palace - the motive of flat, lancet, horseshoe-shaped, tropeic arches – repeatedly repeats in a cast-iron balustrade of balconies, in the stone carved lattice, which protects a roof and at last in decorative furniture of southern input portal issued with east splendor.
    The horseshoe-shaped arch, the two-story arch, magnificent carving on plaster in a niche where flower of tudor drawing and motive of a lotus intertwine, are completed with  the Arabian inscription repeated 6 times on a frieze: "There is no winner except God".